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[Monday] Contemplation

Small flowers.

But at the end of the day, it didn’t really matter what the divination turned up. Aeron Blake was his own spirit, beyond but tied to the story I was writing.

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[Hawthorne & Heather] Homura the Younger

Mortal me, I cannot wear so many masks, so heavy they tend to fall.

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[Monday] Assorted Links

Small flowers.

I’ve been working on the ‘doorways’ story for the Cauldron Blog Project a little bit each day. Both the biggest aid and bane in writing the story as been Hozier’s ‘Take Me to Church’. When writing a spirit story, I inevitably need a song or album to listen to endlessly. The stories always feel more in-tune with the spirits that way. But they can hold me back, become distraction or influence a story to be more fluid than it should. It’s an awkward balancing act.

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[Wednesday] January Holy Days


My main focus on the moment are the births of various spirits, since that is a love of mine. I am also factoring in larger mythic events and trying to place them in the calendar.

Currently, I’m taking this month by month.

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[Monday] Spirits of Consent & Links

Small flowers.

The theology of the Otherfaith is very weak, at the moment. Beyond polytheism – a belief in many gods – we have little theology hammered out. One important part of our theology that I have not explored is dystheism.

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End of Reunion

Flowers from acceptance bouquet.

I wish I could say that Reunion was joyful and easy, but I know it wasn’t. It wasn’t for individual members of the Other People and those who worship our gods. Nor was it an easy or joyful time in general.

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New Year [2013]

“Happy new year,”
she tells me.

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[Guest Post] A Roadmap to Reunion

The following are some suggested structures for observing Reunion, which lasts from Thursday, December 25 until mindnight on Wednesday, December 31.

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[Guest Post] Reunion 2014


Reunion isn’t an observance of platitudes and false hope and too-bright cheer. It does not promise a far-off day of heavenly, painless perfection, nor a return to a time-before-time when the world had not yet been stained. If anything, Reunion stands as a witness to the suffering inherent in our worlds.

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[Hawthorne & Heather] Concomitance

He wasn’t what I expected from a spirit, leaving me clinging to my expectations as often as I tossed them completely away. I wanted to belong to him in the simplest of ways. I wanted to belong in the deepest of ways. I ached for the simplicity of apartments in mysterious worlds, dark bed sheets and the smell of comfortable addictions, for the wonderful world that opened up when he took my hand.

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[Guest Post] Creativity and Reunion


I suggest approaching Reunion as an opportunity for creativity as well as one of reconciliation and peace. The gods are said to be especially close during this last week of the year and one way to honor our relationship with them is to create works of art and beauty.

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Reunion 2014-2015

the Dierne

Reunion is, appropriately, a homecoming. Otherfaith spirits return to the West at this time, even if they reside elsewhere the rest of the year.

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[Monday] Wiki Links

Small flowers.

There have been numerous additions to the Otherfaith Wiki that you can check out. I’m posting links to the updated pages and new pages of information that have been posted. First, all of the pages on the Four Gods have

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[Links] on Ferguson & Social Justice

We may call upon our gods for help and aid, but at the end of the day we need to do this work because to do anything less is to condone violence and murder.

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[Update] Ophelia Masterpost


I’m glad to announce that I was able to get the masterpost for the Ophelia up yesterday.

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