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Update: Clarene Posts

Over on our Patheos blog, we’re discussing the social issues that the Clarene is tied to. Take a look over there to see what’s happening. the Clarene, like the Dierne, is concerned with oppression and destroying oppressive systems. (the Laetha

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[Essay] Theophany

For all my life, I have been spiritual. When I was twelve, even, I began training myself in spiritual arts. For five years I prepared myself for all manner of gods and spirits – but during those years, my belief

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Polytheist Leadership Conference 2014

Edit: I am pleased to announce that we reached our goal, and I will be attending the conference this summer. This is the last hour of Aine Llewellyn’s fundraiser to go to the Polytheist Leadership Conference in Fishkill, NY this

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Contemplation: Revelation

The Gods revealed themselves to me. For me to reveal them to others, I had to be my own self. And more than that, I had to take responsibility for all that I was – and could be.

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You’ve found the home of the Other People! As a devotional site, we host prayers and religious reflections – but our history is just as important.

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About the Faith
The Otherfaith is a modern polytheistic religion. We are urban-centric, technology-loving, and always keep our eyes to the future. We were born from the modern Pagan and polytheist movements, and from them we have grown and become new, modern, evolving - a new faith. In 2014, we go into this our fourth year and seek community, growth, and deeper religious discoveries.
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