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[Hawthorne & Heather] Concomitance

He wasn’t what I expected from a spirit, leaving me clinging to my expectations as often as I tossed them completely away. I wanted to belong to him in the simplest of ways. I wanted to belong in the deepest of ways. I ached for the simplicity of apartments in mysterious worlds, dark bed sheets and the smell of comfortable addictions, for the wonderful world that opened up when he took my hand.

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[Guest Post] Creativity and Reunion


I suggest approaching Reunion as an opportunity for creativity as well as one of reconciliation and peace. The gods are said to be especially close during this last week of the year and one way to honor our relationship with them is to create works of art and beauty.

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Reunion 2014-2015

the Dierne

Reunion is, appropriately, a homecoming. Otherfaith spirits return to the West at this time, even if they reside elsewhere the rest of the year.

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[Monday] Wiki Links

Small flowers.

There have been numerous additions to the Otherfaith Wiki that you can check out. I’m posting links to the updated pages and new pages of information that have been posted. First, all of the pages on the Four Gods have

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[Links] on Ferguson & Social Justice

We may call upon our gods for help and aid, but at the end of the day we need to do this work because to do anything less is to condone violence and murder.

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[Update] Ophelia Masterpost


I’m glad to announce that I was able to get the masterpost for the Ophelia up yesterday.

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Winter Community Day 2014

"The home in the sky."

November 30th was chosen because it is the day before our holy month of December, and it can be a day where we gather in awareness with a desire to move forward into a new just world.

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[Friday] Update

Devotional bracelet

It is my pleasure to announce that a possible new god has been found for the Otherfaith. Elliot, one of the Other People, has been working on discovering any possible new gods that the Other People may have, and he

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[Hawthorne & Heather] The Bird & The Snake

Prayers from a devotional book.

Hawthorne had a snake on his left arm. I had a phoenix on my right. It was one of those unshakeable symbols that had written itself on my energetic body so long ago I often forgot about it. But as I lay on the cold table, shirtless and exposed, Althea caught sight of it.

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[Review] Galina Krasskova’s Devotional Polytheism

Overall, though, I would recommend this book. I would give it to a beginner. I would not feel the need to warn a reader about it. Rather, I would want to discuss the book over with people who have read it, to find both common ground and differences.

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[Link] Trans* Rite of Ancestor Veneration

The Transgender Rite of Ancestor Veneration begins today, lasting nine days until November 21. For those who engage in ancestor veneration, or those who are interested in queer ancestor veneration, please find out more information here. Ancestor veneration is not

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Halloween 2014

It may seem strange to have such violent, bloody spirits in a faith that, for a large part, seems modern and tame. ‘Goodness’ seems to win out. But we’re playing with gods and faeries, and there is horror in them.

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[Monday] Assorted Links

Small flowers.

I have a lot of links to share with you today. Many thanks to Elliott, Sage, and Jenn for the work they’re doing. On Sage and Starshine, Sage writes about both Epiphany and Mallory. For Mallory, one of the Younger

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[Hawthorne & Heather] on Disembowelment

Later, he’ll rip my guts out, splattering them on a floor that doesn’t belong to either of us. I will try to catch my entrails, and I will wonder how all that love in his eyes, filling him like stars, turned hard. I’ll hold my intestines and wonder at the lesson in this.

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[Monday] Assorted Links

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Currently, we have a lot of warnings about spirit work being dangerous, with some articles implying that one shouldn’t even begin because of the danger. The type of rhetoric regarding such things as devotion and dedication depends somewhat on the communities it takes place in, but there is a consistency of vague warnings.

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