[Links] Poetry Highlight

There has been a lack of Monday posts due to illness and school rush, but I wanted to link to some amazing devotional poetry for our gods that has been written.

Over on Adventures of Opalfish, there are three poems I would like to highlight.

from the Prayer Book

Little Lost One

With lines resounding of the myths of the gods, as well as beautiful lines, this poem is a wonderful read. I especially enjoyed: “They snap like twigs, and are lost in the mist./I burn like a wildflower. I bloom like a wildfire.”

Monsters and Mirrors

This poem focuses on the Dierne, who is our starry god of beauty and destruction. His sacred symbol, mirrors, often appear when we reflect on him. Glorious as he is, we can sometimes forget the danger and challenge in him. This poem encompasses his being excellently. “I have not forgotten/That you are the one who throws mirror shards at me.”


“So that every stride is the blooming of summer.” For some, when we begin worshiping the gods we see their presence in our lives long before we named them. We can trace them as they influenced us, or we can see their symbols guiding us in our lives. And sometimes, they are simply there, watching and waiting until we take note of them.

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