[Important] Announcement

Yesterday, I learned that one of the People and writers for this blog was not who I thought them to be.

Fey Lopez came to me as a very hurt individual, someone who was struggling. From the beginning, I knew that they had been victimized and, in turn, victimized others. And the Otherfaith always has space for those who are healing and recovering and getting better. Being better is a topic I’ve written on before. As we have all made mistakes in the past, sometimes awful ones, I do not feel it appropriate to cast out anyone with a less than glowing history.

However, I have learned that Fey’s behavior was not limited to their past, and that their behavior went far beyond anything I ever knew. I also learned that they were using their connection to myself and others as a way to silence people from speaking out, creating a climate of fear that has no place in any community. Because of this I have taken the only action appropriate – tossing them out of every space I have control of, blocking them everywhere that I could, and now letting people know what has occurred. I have removed all their posts from this blog, and their posts on the Otherfaith Tumblog will be removed as well.

There will also be rituals conducted to cleanse their involvement with the gods and spirits of this faith, facilitated by the goddess Ophelene.

I wish recovery and healing on their victims. I am unable to accurately describe my apologies for letting such a person into the faith. This blog will be silent until further action has been discussed by the People.


Aine “Annie” Llewellyn is a 20-something girl-creature and devotional polytheist living in Tucson, AZ. She maintains and writes for ‘of the Other People’ and is the main spokesperson of the Otherfaith.

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