[Update] Ceremony

I mentioned in my last post that ritual would be done concerning the abuse that was discovered involving one of the Other People. After all appropriate actions had been taken, including reporting to the appropriate authorities, it came time to perform the ritual.

You can read about the ceremony here. The ceremony was performed on the first of July, after all the People had been spoken to regarding this issue and we had discussed where our lines were.

It is unfortunate, but the Otherfaith has been fractured by this. Our small community – under ten people – suffered a blow when another member decided that it was better to coddle the abuser. I, of course, understand the difficultly in accepting that someone you thought you know could be so horrifyingly different. However, I feel strongly that the only appropriate action in this case was the shutting out of this individual.

We often want our friends to get better, and we do not want to abandon them. We fear that abandoning them will set back whatever recovery they have made. But, in a community-centric faith, the safety of the community cannot be sacrificed for one individual – especially when that individual is predatory. No amount of friendship and good feelings replace the safety of a community’s most vulnerable members.

This goes beyond the Gods and their guidance; I would feel the same without them in my life. I am not willing to sacrifice people so that I don’t have to be uncomfortable.

I said before that the faith always has room for people who have been injured and injured others, because that is simply a fact of living. The Gods show us this in our myths, and any frank look at our society will show that such is impossible to escape. We will inevitably look back on parts of our lives and be horrified. What the faith emphasizes is recognizing that horror and working to not engage in it again. We do not have a place for people who will blame their horrors on others and continue victimizing people. That is not recovery, it is not healing, and it is against all that is sacred to us.

There will be no concessions to this.

What has come of this is a restructuring of the Otherfaith and how I will present it. The cleansing is being done, but we cannot be frozen here. We will move forward, and we will be stronger for it, even as splintered as we are.

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