Over on Gangleri’s Grove, Galina Krasskova has posted an interview she did with me on the Otherfaith and what it is like to build a new religious tradition. Please check it out.

This blog has been silent lately. Part of that is spending some time recovering myself. I am also restructuring how the ‘faith works – and who it is open to. I’m hoping to explore how to interact with the Gods in a comfortable way when just getting acquainted with Them and expanding the idea of an Otherfaith community and how that would look.

I am also working on 30 Days of Devotion posts for each of the Four (+2) Gods. This is a large project and will likely go live in July. It will be worthwhile and provide a great deal of information on the Gods, however. Please be patient with me during this time.

Thank you for your continued support. It means very much to me.


Aine “Annie” Llewellyn is a 20-something girl-creature and devotional polytheist living in Tucson, AZ. She maintains and writes for ‘of the Other People’ and is the main spokesperson of the Otherfaith.

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The Otherfaith is a modern polytheistic religion. We are urban-centric, technology-loving, and always keep our eyes to the future. We were born from the modern Pagan and polytheist movements, and from them we have grown and become new, modern, evolving - a new faith. In 2015, we go into this our fifth year and seek to create more solid practices and structures for the faith.
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