[Links] Prayers & Work

Jenn, one of the Other People, has written about work & Work over on her blog, ‘Between Ocean and Hills’. She blogs about the Otherfaith and about her other religious and spiritual work and, as always, it is a wonderful read. An excerpt from her latest:

We all have our work. We do what we are driven to do–by ourselves, by our gods, by our spirits, by our ancestors–and no one else should pass judgment on what other people do as work, or what they choose to call their work. Because there is a dangerous trend of seeing the ‘fluffy’ stage of neopaganism as just that–a stage. But maybe for some people, they will delve into that fluffy side of things and find everything they need and everything about their work is firmly in those ‘fluffy’ things like love and light. Not everyone is destined for being remade in the underworld, you know?

Over on ‘Adventures of Opalfish’, E. has posted a new prayer – ‘An Untitled Prayer’ – that recognizes each of the Four (+2) Gods:

Girl-King, Carver of Worlds and Crafter of Creatures,
Piercing our hearts with thorns and roses,
May you ever make us anew.

And in other news, polytheist.com is now live. This project brings together many polytheist voices, celebrating our diversity. Ideally, we will be able to move past the most basic idea of polytheism (which is consistently a roadblock in many discussions) and delve even deeper into modern polytheist thought and practice. I am one of a myriad of columnists, and the selection is wonderful. I’m so blessed to count friends among the other columnists who have turned out amazing work. Please check out the main site.

My column, ‘Hawthorne & Heather‘, will focus on life-after-the-gods, and my first column details a bit on how life has changed since my god-touched teenager years. I’m very excited to explore this issue, as it ties very much into the Otherfaith and my role in this religious tradition.

Hawthorne arrived and was loud. He threatened everything I knew.

He especially threatened how I knew spirits operated. The spirits I knew asked for favors, asked for offerings, and my relationship with them was ultimately devotional. It was reflected in the writings of other polytheists I had read. Hawthorne didn’t want offerings. He rolled his eyes at me when I gave them. He scoffed when I tried to apply prayers and structure to his interaction with me.

You can read my first post here.

Although it is no longer Otherfaith Sunday, the askbox on our official Tumblog is always open. You can submit questions even without a Tumblr account. This past Sunday we received a great question about the possibility of more gods in the faith – and the answer is yes, it is possible!

As a last note, we have a Facebook group for the Other People and those interested in our gods or tradition. You can find me on Facebook if you are interested in joining.

Thank you for reading. ‘of the Other People’ is a site dedicated to the Otherfaith, a modern polytheist religion. You can find more about us here and here. You can contact us here if you have any questions or would like to get involved.

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