[Monday] Assorted Links

On Between Ocean and Hills, Jenn writes about the story ‘the Ophelia & the Clarene‘. Her retelling and commentary are wonderful and add more to the story.

This particular myth…I love it. If I had to definitively pick a favorite, it would probably be this story. I’ve got some others that are on par with this one–but it’s about the girl gods, the Ophelia and the Clarene, whom I’ve worked most closely with, and it’s like…everything. It’s amazing. I love it. So of course I have to do this one first.

Some thoughts of mine, from Jenn’s post – I do think that Reunion, our week-long celebration in winter, is connected to both the Clarene and Ophelia as well as the Laetha and Dierne. Of course, it will take many Reunions to figure out exactly how all these gods play into the holy days. Though it is not explained in the story, the Ophelia’s River freezing over also causes the creation of one of the Other People’s ‘under worlds’, the Winterland or Wintertime, which is an eternal landscape covered in snow. The Winterland has great usage for those who journey into the West, and it also represents important lessons that the Clarene and Ophelia teach.

I also relate very much to this, regarding the Litany of Four Gods:

This call flows so easily from my lips that sometimes I have to say it twice because I don’t remember saying it the first time…

Over on Sidekick Ex Machina, Jack writes about promising his service to the sea and the consequences of doing so. I appreciate Jack’s piece because of what it adds to current discussions about spirit work. Currently, we have a lot of warnings about spirit work being dangerous, with some articles implying that one shouldn’t even begin because of the danger. The type of rhetoric regarding such things as devotion and dedication depends somewhat on the communities it takes place in, but there is a consistency of vague warnings. We need to discuss the actual consequences and variety of experiences, rather than assuming we all fit into one experience regarding the spirits and gods.

And at the end of the day, we all make mistakes. Jack’s piece is great because it talks about dealing with the aftermath.

On Antinous For Everybody, Merri-Todd Webster reposts a piece on choosing your gods. Again, articles like these confront the current rhetoric in a lot of our communities. While we hear often from those who do intense work that those who do not do or are not called to do such work are ‘important’, we don’t address the reasons why people feel pressured into spirit work or extreme dedication. Hearing from those who don’t do such work is vital if we want to change how our communities behave around these issues.

On the Otherfaith Wiki, Sage has posted up some pages about the sacred landscape of the Otherfaith. We also have pages on Book Keepers and the spirit Epiphany, for people to both read and add more to. If you are unsure if your impression of a spirit is okay to add, you can discuss your ideas in the comments of the page.

Thank you for reading. ‘of the Other People’ is a site dedicated to the Otherfaith, a modern polytheist religion. You can find more about us here and here. You can contact us here if you have any questions or would like to get involved.

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