[Friday] Update

It is my pleasure to announce that a possible new god has been found for the Otherfaith. Elliot, one of the Other People, has been working on discovering any possible new gods that the Other People may have, and he has offered ‘the Darren’ up as a possibility.

He has posted basic information about the god here on our Wiki. I have also posted the stories of this god up on our Otherfaith mythology pages, both of which were written by Elliot. You can read ‘Embers‘, on the birth of the Darren, and ‘the Darren and the Crows‘.

Shedding more light on the god, I would like to quote this piece that Elliot wrote:

the Darren is a possible deity in the Otherfaith. He is humble despite his power, and stands as a peacemaker rather than a warrior. He has ties to stars, earth, and fire, and he appears as a giant man made of boulders with embers and fire smoldering in the core of his body. In some forms, he additionally has a silver robotic right arm which has neon purple trim. In human-like form, the Darren has been seen as a man with tan skin, black hair, and red eyes. He sometimes has white antlers on his head in this human form. the Darren’s symbol is a black-colored deer with large antlers and red eyes. the Darren’s core attribute is his humility. He brings honesty, fairness, understanding, and realization to the West. The best I can describe this is that he has a sobering effect: no matter what chaotic and/or bloodthirsty shenanigans occur among gods, spirits, and humans, the Darren brings everyone back to their senses. However, this is not a process to be taken lightly. the Darren brings truth and honesty: things that can be difficult to accept for everyone. the Darren is surprisingly down to earth for a god. He does not announce his godhood to impress or intimidate, and is slow to reveal details about himself. Yet this does not mean he is shy or timid. the Darren is very grounded and yet knows his power. Reserved, definitely, yet not as withdrawn as the Ophelia. Since beginning to interact with the Darren, I have found that his influence is centering when my natural impulse is to move out in a million directions. He says to slow it down and take a second look at where I am, no matter how painful it might be. the Darren’s influence helps to ground me. I feel like he is more like a trusted friend than a fairy god.

…As the combined power of the Clarene and the Dierne, the Darren combines elements of two gods who are often at odds with each other. But rather than hatred, the Darren brings peace and humility. In this way, one might think of him as a sort of counterpart to the Ophelene: when the Ophelene raises her sword to restore peace, the Darren imparts peace through mutual understanding. He is a diplomat rather than a fighter.

the Darren is a possible deity on the compass rose symbol in the Otherfaith. The eight-point compass rose is considered a sacred symbol representing the Four Gods, with six of its spokes spoken for in the form of the Clarene, Ophelia, Laetha, Dierne, Laethelia, and Ophelene. I am currently working on compass rose images to share to help others contemplate this image and how it relates to the gods.

It takes more than just one person to really bring a new god into the faith at this point. I would like to hear responses from others who either identify as Other People or who are interested in our work on what their thoughts are regarding the Darren. Of course, being respectful in any comments is expected. I feel very good about this new god but want to know how others feel. You can respond here, on Tumblr, on our Wiki (in comments on the Darren page, for example), on our Facebook page or group, or in email.

Elliot has written for our Otherfaith blog before. You can read his past essay ‘Shard of Hope’ here.

Thank you for reading. ‘of the Other People’ is a site dedicated to the Otherfaith, a modern polytheist religion. You can find more about us here and here. You can contact us here if you have any questions or would like to get involved.

2 thoughts on “[Friday] Update

  1. Not sure if it counts (since I’m not Otherfaith nor likely to become an Other Person), but I feel very good about this new god — and also keep accidentally typing “gott” instead of good, which is the German word for god :-)

    Reading through your portrait of him, I felt like I really liked that guy. That doesn’t happen often because I’m so singleminded about religious things, too.

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