End of Reunion

Happy New Year and, for the Other People, happy end of Reunion! The end of Reunion can mean a few different things. The main change is that our taboo against argument and fighting is released.

For myself, the end of Reunion was when I had to cover the box I use as a small temple space. I’m not sure how long it will remain covered, so I will be performing quick one card draws each day to try to divine when the gods wish for it to be opened again. I also began wearing a veil in my spirit-spouse’s color. I will begin learning about his family for a week, and from there discern how my spirit-marriage effects my life. Though, truly, it is already effecting me.

I wish I could say that Reunion was joyful and easy, but I know it wasn’t. It wasn’t for individual members of the Other People and those who worship our gods. Nor was it an easy or joyful time in general. The death of Leelah Alcorn is just one example of how horrible and depressing and painful our world is right now. Leelah is a Sancta in the Ekklesia Antinoou – on one hand, may she be remembered. On the other, I can’t help but be hopelessly, rather ineffectually angry that such a young woman has died (or, as some have said, been killed).

Leelah’s death has made me consider adding some level of veneration for the dead to the Otherfaith, especially queer and gender variant dead. However, that is something that still needs to be discussed and figured out, and I don’t want to just jump into it. I also feel divination and discernment toward the dead being honored is important, and letting those who would rest actually rest is something I wish to respect if the People do begin such work.

As we go into this new year, the fifth for the Otherfaith, I want to create more actual practices – more prayers, actual rituals, shrine structures. Of course, deepening our understanding of the spirits and creating more stories for them is important, but the lack of practices for the Other People is a large hole that needs to be filled. I look forward to working on this.

We will be having a brainstorm session for what an introductory book for the People should look like on Skype. If you’re interested in participating, my Skype username is ainemaponos. You don’t have to be one of the People or worship our gods to contribute, so don’t be shy about joining!

To end this post, I’d like to share a variety of links of work that was produced during Reunion.

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A Prayer for Reunion
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Untitled (Another Reunion Prayer)

Adventures of Opalfish

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the Darren and Justice (Intro)
the Darrenesque (Intro)
the Darren and Energy (Intro)
Reunion [Dec. 25, 2014]
Balance in Flux
Reunion [Dec. 26, 2014]
Reunion 2014/2015 Simple Prayer Cycle
The spirits walk among us
Blood like rubies
Doubt* & Drowning
Reunion shrine

Otherfaith Wiki

Spirit Groups
Spiritual Relationships
The West/Otherworld
Domains Forum Discussion
Ophelene headcanon Forum Discussion

Thank you for reading. ‘of the Other People’ is a site dedicated to the Otherfaith, a modern polytheist religion. You can find more about us here and here. You can contact us here if you have any questions or would like to get involved.

5 thoughts on “End of Reunion

  1. It’s weird…the Sancta/e/i of the Ekklesía Antínoou have never been a problem for me (though they have been for some people–the term being understood as “saint” throws a lot of people…needlessly, I think), and though I am not generally good in terms of getting direct communications while conscious from non-corporeals (excepting certain circumstances), they have a way of getting my attention a lot of the time.

    My own ancestors and such, though? Not so much…or, at least, not yet. I’ve had somewhat bad luck trying to elevate my own ancestors, and I got a dream a short while back that pretty much suggested that I can’t, under my current circumstances, honor a large portion of my ancestors who were Jewish (mainly for gender-variance reasons), which is still an unsettled matter.

    I go back-and-forth on how “essential” these practices are, and I’m getting very skeptical that all of it is as straight-forward as some people have been trying to indicate. Anyway, it’s a rather fraught subject, unfortunately…

    • I agree that it is both fraught and not as straight-forward as some say… I am, however, extremely biased. I don’t believe that ancestor worship is the same as polytheism or that ones’ polytheism is ‘lacking’ if ancestor worship is not included, but I also understand it’s vital to some. And I don’t think that should be undermined, partially because I think broadening our understanding of religion and religious practice to more than gods (big flashy gods especially) is good…

      But, as you’ve said, some of us don’t really get that attention or response from our ancestors, or are told in one way or another to ‘not’. Exploring why that may happen is interesting, of course, but I think we can only truly explore it if we strip away value-judgements assigned to ancestor worship. I do find value in honoring the dead that have passed, especially queer and gender-variant dead, because of the connections I feel with them, but I hesitate to call it ancestor worship because I feel it may stretch the word too much.

      Anyway, thank you for your comment and thought, and this is something I do hope to explore more in the future…

      • I think it really depends on how we’re defining worship here. I like breaking it down as “to give worth,” which places more emphasis on the action being done (the worship given) than on the inherent nature of the person receiving the action. So in other words, I’m okay using the same verb (and actions, and mindset) when referring to the ancestors as I do to the gods even though I do classify them as separate sets of spirits. Usually. Unless they’re not. :)

        My own afterlife beliefs are a little sketchy (because I am just supremely apathetic about what happens when we die because there’s so much shit to fix in this world?) so I’m not sure if my beloved dead are actually there in a sense that I can have a relationship with them. I light candles and think about them/talk to them/learn about them, but I’m not sure anyone but me gets anything out of it.

        I know that my love for those who have passed remains long after they’ve died, and perhaps that’s all that needs to matter.

    • There are. The biggest, and essentially ‘opposite’ of Reunion is the Apotheosis of the Dierne on July 31st/August Eve. This year I’m hoping to add more days to the calendar. We also celebrate Halloween, though I still need to really pin down why we do!

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