[Wednesday] January Holy Days

As I mentioned earlier, this year will hopefully see a more fully flushed calendar of holy days in the Otherfaith. My main focus on the moment are the births of various spirits, since that is a love of mine. I am also factoring in larger mythic events and trying to place them in the calendar.

Currently, I’m taking this month by month. These will still be very bare-bones and I expect we’ll need to adjust – tossing some days, adding new ones, moving where they fall, that sort of thing – but I want to start getting this information down. Not all of it is inspired or divinely influenced. For a few of these dates I used a random number generator and asked myself what that date might mean or what spirits it might be tied to. I plan to do this for the other months. A few of the new holy days I added were also chosen because of their possible assocation with spirits. So the project is a blend of chance and stumbling and spirit meddling.

I have marked seven new holy days for January, adding onto the New Year that is already considered holy. Only one of these new holy days deals directly with a god. The rest are for spirits. The celebrations I’ve added are:

  • January 1
  • January 2 (random generator number)
  • January 5 (random generator number)
  • January 13 (random generator number)
  • January 15
  • January 24 (random generator number)
  • January 31

January 1 marks the birth of Dawn. I don’t currently know much about this spirit. She may be a child of the Laetha and Dierne both, or perhaps just one of those divinities. She is tied to the actual dawn of day, and she can be described as rosy and soft. I suspect she is unconcerned with typical human worries and needs, but since I know so little of her I cannot say that definitively. Her sister Dusk is born later in January.

January 2 marks the birth of Abel Blake & Joseph Jezebel. These two seem to be more mythic emanations, much looser and transparent than other spirits. This may be due to my own work with them in various forms, as well as with their siblings Aeron and Kallan. The two may have a larger mythic role than I am aware of or can myself acknowledge, but we will see as time goes on. Abel and Joseph are twins, born to different parents at the same time, and their birth taking place after Reunion may have some significance. (Abel Blake does go on to become one of the Aletheia Androids.)

January 5 is tied to the birth of Aeron Blake & Kallan, Abel and Joseph’s younger so-called brothers. I am unsure if these two are twins like their elders, though it is very possible they are not. If they do not share the same birth date, I believe that Aeron is more fitting for the January birth. These two spirits essentially represent the younger selves of Abel and Joseph. Aeron Blake also becomes an Aletheia Android, specifically Aletheia #060.

January 13 celebrates the communique of Comity between Dawn and Dusk. Comity, in the Otherfaith, is a non-sexual semi-romantic relationship between two or more spirits. Communique means ‘formal announcement’, so the holy day could also be called the ‘announcement of Comity’. Comity is considered on the same level of marriages in the Otherfaith calendar (such as the Marriage of Othani). Comity relationships are extremely beneficial to the spirits involved and intended to help humans see more variety in sacred relationships. This day could also be called Comity of Dawn & Dusk.

January 15 marks the birth of Centry Rio. Centries are a group of protective spirits in the Otherfaith that normally present as centaurs. Rio is considered the second-in-command, after his lover Dallas. Rio, being a spirit tied to the Laetha, is more fiery than his Clarene-born lover. My impression when attempting to find his birth date was that he was born ‘in the middle of the cold month’, which I interpreted as the middle of January.

January 24 commemorates the conflict between Ava Laetha & Aeron Blake. the Laethic shard has a difficult relationship with the line of androids based on the original Laetha, and this both comes to a head and is exacerbated in her conflict with Aeron in his form as Aletheia #060. Aeron confronts Ava over her misuse of the androids (mostly to enact violence upon others without breaking any divine laws herself), but Ava is unswayed as she views the non-divine Aletheias as toys. This conflict illustrates, through different points, the clash between the divine and their own creations, free will, consent and dissent, and the monstrosity of the gods and spirits. How exactly would be appropriate to acknowledge this holy day is, at the moment, beyond me.

January 31, closing out the month, marks the birth of Dusk. Her sister Dawn is born at the dawn of the new year, while Dusk is born at the ‘falling’ of the first month. She is associated with obviously dusky colors, especially blues and purples. As with her sister, I don’t currently know very much about this spirit and can’t provide information about her.

I encourage others to offer their ideas of what spirits they feel may be appropriate for this month, whether in births, deaths, marriages, etc. as well as ideas for what we could do to celebrate some of these days. I will be exploring possibilities for that in later posts this month.

To finish out, this is the current list of holy days in January:

  • January 1New Year and Birth of Dawn
  • January 2Birth of Abel Blake & Joseph Jezebel
  • January 5Birth of Aeron Blake & Kallan
  • January 13Communique of Comity or Comity of Dawn & Dusk
  • January 15Birth of Centry Rio
  • January 24Commemoration of Conflict or Conflict of Ava Laetha & Aeron Blake
  • January 31Birth of Dusk

Not related to holy days – I forgot to link to something important on Monday. Jack (of Sidekick Ex Machina) has posted a call for submissions for “A Saturday Morning Devotional”. If this is something that interests you or related to work you do, please submit!

Thank you for reading. ‘of the Other People’ is a site dedicated to the Otherfaith, a modern polytheist religion. You can find more about us here and here. You can contact us here if you have any questions or would like to get involved.

9 thoughts on “[Wednesday] January Holy Days

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  2. (Gets reluctantly out of lurkedom) firstly i’ve been following this site with great interest for more than a few months and i must say i reAlly like it is run, and it s quite exciting even for a random outside observer to witness how a new religion comes into being. Secondly… I’ve been working for a number of years with a faery queen sort of goddess that presents a number of similarities with spirits from your tradition ( in ways of approaching sovreignty and other teaching and in tge fact She presides over a House of spirits, structured seemingly like the four gods houses are described on your site, the associations to fairy tales, snow and ‘eating’). I had built a semipossessory practice with her in last two years and collected a few ‘stories’ about her. One had her being exiled from her tribe after her abandonement of an unfaithful and sadistic husband, and being tortured and blinded by her family after her fleeing… In her attempts to give her self healing she ‘kindles stars in the sky , again and again, but knowing no relief from it, she pours from her chest her weeping, conceiving so a pale, watery daughter, that she named Ophelia’ . Part of why i kept a watch on your growing number of spirits is my wondering if its ‘possible’ for the ophelia from my story and that one from your mythology are the same god. I feel a bit presumptuous coming out with a straight question but at this point i feel silly even not asking. Among other things, my lady – that i most often call just ‘ the white queen or the traveler-seems to favor to come across with a Snow White type of imagery and to associations to blood and snow, that made the link with Neve Winter and The Ophelia more direct to me. If it matters, my experience with her colored her as a god of healing, magic, vengeance and female sovrereignty, beauty and sex. There’s also an association to alchemical arts, phoenixes, white and red roses. Rings any bells with any spirits you encountered in your work here?

    • White & red roses are a common motif for the Laetha & Dierne in the Otherfaith, and phoenixes are very common image. Alchemical arts are mostly associated with the Ophelia and Clarene, with the Ophelia preferring liquid substances…

      It does seem that the Ophelia you know and the Ophelia of the Otherfaith are related in some way, so don’t feel presumptuous for asking! I know little/nothing of the Ophelia’s backstory before she met the Clarene, and it’s been an area I don’t have interest in exploring and want others to delve into on their own…that your goddess is also called ‘the White Queen’ is especially interesting considering that Neve also has the title, as you pointed out, and I think helps strengthen the possible relation between our spirits and yours. A very interesting thing to contemplate!

      • When i first came across your writings on the four gods i saw enough similarities that i toyed with the idea my god ( she often hints that the word for god in her language is neuter, not feminine or masculine so most of time i shift between calling her a god and a goddess) might be a syncretic version of yours. Past the surface tough, there’s even more differences than similiarities. I might say my lady is a creator for example, but her creations are rather different than the clarene’s and her alchemy is more about the flames of trasmutation. Most of parallels i found between my spirits and yours are about the overall structure of the system- as in:
        – twin spirits and mirror spirits relationships ( although in my mythology the emphasis is on how mirrors tend naturally to pull each other masks off and so they have often adversarial relationships before they can be friendly)
        – parenting relationships between spirits as different from blood relationships
        – presence of specific bloodlines
        – fashioning of magic al weapons and garments
        – firebirds in my mythology are different han phoenixes as they are more about selfslaying and phoenix is more about self creating.
        – presence of specific points of contact between our world and faery
        – name magic and the occurring that your name might be stolen by someone through certain acts of betrayal

        My leading theory right now is that we deal with different parts of the same landscape. My otherworld is specifically named as ‘ the dreamlands’ and it seems most of doors to it are either over our europe or our china ( and i am european so … Parallels). Differences with the west are poignant mostly in the sort of spirits living there ( firebirds and dragons and stars, yes but even more ‘windfoxes’ and cat sith, faery hounds, cherry tree maidens, spirits of alchemical properties of foods, comet spirits, weaver spirits related to spiders, no androids or anything of the sort for what i know).

  3. I forgot- i had limited experience with the Ophelia from my own mythology but in it she was much about the Rivers of weeping, mourning and had a certain evanescent, brittle quality to her energy. I ve often used a black unicorn symbology to represent her in my mind. I perceive the relationship between mother and daughter as one of intense, mutual tenderness and at the same time of distance, as ophelia is – as i see it- her mother’s giving in to mourning, and the white queen is much about fighting tgrough trauma and rejecting sorrow to re-create herself as happy and whole ( most of the stories i’ve collected are about her being injured, sinking into depression or even insanity and then rising to trasmute the wound into something else and live happily on ).

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