[Monday] Contemplation

Abel Blake is a strange spirit. The more distance I have from him (meaning journeying and direct interaction), the better I’ve come to understand him. Everything from his personality, his larger role in the West (and possibly the Otherfaith), his relationship with other spirits, and what he desires. He plays an important role in my own practice, but the intimacy I once felt with him has fizzled to a more typical professional-spiritual nature.

He’s part of a family of spirits (the Blakes) that are connected to larger spirits I’m writing about for the third week prompts of the Pagan Experience. The Blakes are tied to the line of Adilene through Adilene’s grandchild Alynah Blake, though its questionable whether Alynah was given the name or simply took it for herself. She was possibly given the name to tame her wild and destructive nature. The name may also be tied to her through her relationship with Abel, one we know as ‘Companionship’ in the Otherfaith.

Companionship is a difficult relationship to explain, though I have no doubt those who do work in our West will see it in play. Companionship is a relationship between giant spirits and other powerful, destructive entities. The giant spirit takes in the excess magical energies present in their partner, usually suffering some sort of reaction or backlash from the magic, and in doing level out their partner’s behavior and energy.

Abel and Alynah’s relationship confused me. Alynah is the destructive, cruel element between them. Abel seemed unnaturally unemotional. Plenty of the fire spirits in the Otherfaith are ‘unnaturally unemotional’, or emotional in ways that humans find difficult to understand. I understood, intellectually, that the two were in Companionship. There were just pieces that didn’t fit properly. The giant spirit (which Alynah is) is the receptive force. Alynah didn’t seem receptive to anything.

Their relationship was so hostile and confusing. But I pulled away from Abel, and the fog cleared.

The reason Abel was so unemotional was because of the Companionship he had with Alynah. Alynah was still her vicious, violent self – but as we ourselves tend to do, she was also another person when it came to Abel. And as I distanced myself from Abel it was easier to see him as a powerful spirit, albeit small.

All of this rambling ties into journeying, I suppose. When I was journeying with these spirits, I couldn’t grasp them entirely. I saw shards, or reflections, or masks.

I recently felt a bit of longing for the times when I would bury myself in the spirits’ world. I don’t feel less spiritual or religious now that I have largely dropped that practice. Not that I’m doing perfectly when it comes to offerings. Quite the contrary. But I am taking actions, religiously.

The longing to go back to how things ‘were’ eventually faded. Because what I have now is my actual practice, and my contemplation upon the spirits feels much stronger now.

Rather than rambling on more, here are some links of interest.

Jenn has another reading and re-reading post up, this time on the story of Epiphany. Give it a read, along with her posts on canon and devotional goals. I think her post on goals is a good example of how to go about setting them.

If you haven’t seen them, yesterday has a post on the earth in an Otherfaith context and Sage posted on Friday about canon.

There was semi-recently a post on artificial intelligence and religion. A number of people recommended I read it. I have to say I was ultimately underwhelmed – the strong Christian and monotheist focus made it uninspiring to me, sparing a few brief ideas. My own thoughts on AI, robots, androids, and spirituality are a messy complicated tapestry, strongly influenced by my polytheism and animism. The simplest way I can state my ideas – we shouldn’t try to convert AI. But I don’t think we should try to convert anyone.

(Today’s post is a fair bit later thanks to some personal commitments. Hopefully Wednesday’s post will be up in the morning!)

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