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Happy Monday. Sorry for not getting last Wednesday’s post on initiatory orders up. That was for a variety of reasons. One – work means I didn’t have much time to write it! And second, I was brainstorming and discussing with others how the initiatory orders should work on this side of the fence. I’ve come to some conclusions at the moment, always subject to change with this growing little religion.

  • The initiatory orders (IO) will be for those pursuing very specific devotional relationships with the gods and spirits. We can only develop these as people are initiated by the spirits and eventually initiate others. One could only initiate into one god’s initiatory order.
  • We will also have devotional orders (DO). These will have various levels. People could explore each DO, as they would also serve the purpose of teaching people how to behave in devotional life with the Four/Four Gods.
  • Both IOs and DOs would have different levels of commitments. IOs base level would necessarily be a bit more serious, whereas DOs base level of commitment would be learning about the basic devotion to the gods. (It would, obviously, move up from there, from just ‘encouraged participation’ to ‘actual commitments and obligations’.)
  • DOs could be seen, simplistically, as a ‘less strict’ commitment than the IOs. DOs would focus more on group activities, outreach, teaching, and god-specific issues or hobbies. (For example, martial arts of some kind for the Ophelene’s.)

I want to encourage others to share their thoughts on this. This is how I conceive of these groups, but not how they have to be and likely not how they will remain.

The blogging schedule on this blog will be switched up somewhat going forward in 2015. This updated schedule will be posted on the blog schedule page.

  • Monday: Link Posts or Idea of the Week
  • Wednesdays: Rotating Schedule
    • First Wednesday: Holy Days
    • Second Wednesday: Basic Theology
    • Third Wednesday: Spiritual Theology
    • Fourth Wednesday: Actual Practices/Living (This is the revamped Hawthorne & Heather.)
  • Fridays: Sage
  • Sundays: Pagan Experience, except the last Sunday of the month

And now for our usual rush of links!

On Sunday, I posted up on canon and headcanon for the Pagan Experience. Last Friday, Sage posted the second part of their post on devotional styles.

Elliot has posted up more poetry – check out ’Our Dear Ophelia’, ’Darkened Depths’, and ’Inkbird’. Elliot has also moved into his new residence – congrats!

Caelesti has a posted up about fanfic and religion, a topic I of course unabashedly love.

Nicholas Haney posted on being, or not being, god-centric. Honestly, I would love to see some actual ideas of what this god-centric life would look like and what the term means. I hear it tossed around, along with some others, but don’t really see any useful definition. This is tied into some thoughts I had earlier this week, like what ‘complete devotion’ means, what it looks like, what it looks like in the context of having a job, how much of your budget is supposed to go to devotion, etc. He also wrote a follow up post to a response he received.

Jason Thomas Pitzl wrote a manifesto on Witchcraft that you should go read. It’s excellent and potent.

I recently read a piece on why ‘The Secret’ and its positive thinking is something you should probably avoid. I was recently looking for some books to help better understand personality and mood and help with life skills; I was lucky enough to pick up one that is actually based on psychology and effective methods rather than positive thinking. If you’re interested in why self-help and the positive thinking movement might not be that great, give that article a read.

On xoJane, K. Tempest Bradford wrote about foregoing books by white, straight, cismale authors for a year. On their own blog, Foz Meadows posted a breakdown of a reaction to Bradford’s piece. It’s a bit exhausting to read because of what Meadows is breaking down, but check it out if you’re interested.

On Magick from Scratch, there are two posts to check out: one on divine relationships and another which is a wonderful piece of poetry.

P. Sufenas Virius Lupus wrote for the birth of Panprosdexia, another piece worth checking out.

Thank you for reading. ‘of the Other People’ is a site dedicated to the Otherfaith, a modern polytheist religion. You can find more about us here and here. You can contact us here if you have any questions or would like to get involved.

4 thoughts on “[Monday] Updates & Links

  1. I like your distinction between DOs and IOs, and I think something of that nature is going to be articulated more clearly within the EA in the near future; certainly on the level of IOs, there’s a great deal that needs doing, and needs to start soon…

  2. Oh, and random other question/request: would you be interested and able to attend Many Gods West in late July/early August in Olympia, WA? Since you weren’t able to do the PLC, it would be great to have you for this; and, at the moment, we have no submissions on either faerie-related beings, nor on new deities and such, and while I can fill in the blanks at the end on the latter, it would be great if you could do something on the Otherfaith since it incorporates both, and would be yet another tradition to add to the overall representation, which would be lovely! Anyway, if you want to discuss this on e-mail more privately, feel free to do that, or in comments here, or just submit something directly. In any case, let me know! ;)

    • I can’t, actually. I did just get a job which means money, which means conventions! Unfortunately, I’m already taking time off of work for another convention earlier, in May/June (my partner and I had been planning that one for a while…). I’m planning on saving for Pantheacon but MGW just isn’t feasible right now…I do plan for PCon and eventually taking a trip up to Seattle again next year. I wish I could present something at MGW buuuuut…fill in for the new gods angle for me :P And best of luck with MGW. (Now that I have money, I can finally pay back funders from back during PLC…very happy about that.)

      • We shall miss you, but I certainly understand! ;)

        And, it will be great to have you at PantheaCon next year as well! Perhaps we can schedule a debate between you and a certain aged pagan who thinks he is under-privileged and therefore cannot possibly have ANY privilege nor be using it to marginalize or alienate others…or maybe not.

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