[Wednesday] March Holy Days

As I mentioned earlier, this year will hopefully see a more fully flushed calendar of holy days in the Otherfaith. My main focus on the moment are the births of various spirits, since that is a love of mine. I am also factoring in larger mythic events and trying to place them in the calendar.

The dates that I’ve added to the Otherfaith calendar are:

  • March 10 (random number generator)
  • March 13 (random number generator)
  • March 19 (random number generator)
  • March 21
  • March 26 (random number generator)
  • March 31 (random number generator)

One thing I’ve noticed is that we have yet another Friday the 13th this month. I’m considering what role that date can have in the faith. It could be connected to our Witch spirits, connected to the Dierne and her relationship with fear and horror, or it might be tied to our eighth god that we’re learning about (but don’t have enough information to really discuss in detail). It could be a mini-Halloween with a focus on silly horror as well as cleansings through fear and release.

March 10 could be a celebration of Sabia’s fall into the West. Sabia is one of the Ophelia and Laetha’s lovers. Sabia bounces back and forth between both gods, refusing to settle on either, until the Ophelia finally turns her down, unable to stand the pain of losing the human again. She gifts Sabia with a magical lantern that can turn the Laetha’s fires blue or the Ophelia’s blue flames orange, and from that point on she becomes a spirit of both transmutation and responsibility.

March 13 acknowledges the murder of William by Aletheia 003. This may seem a strange event to put on the calendar, but acknowledging this is something I feel important. Right now, we don’t have enough information to really get into the complexities of William and 003’s story. Like many stories, there are layers seen and unseen, interpretations intended and interpretations actually made.

March 19 celebrates the entrance of Erann. Rather than celebrating his birth, of which is said to occur outside of the West, we can celebrate his entrance into the West and the Laetha’s home. Erann is a giant spirit as well as a shapeshifter, and he has associations with calligraphy and complex, detailed art as well as mathematical artistry and architecture. He is also a winged giant, having at least four wings of rainbow or iridescent color. His entrance into the West marks the calming of the Laetha Ava, who at that point was a rampaging force.

March 21 celebrates the birth of Epiphany. Epiphany is one of the most well-known Book-Keeper spirits. She is a spirit of, obviously, epiphanies and inspiration. She’s associated with fire as well, and she’s a good spirit to go to when needing new ideas or working through difficult problems. Sage does more work with her than I do.

March 26 could acknowledge the births of Baryl and Beryl. Baryl and Beryl are both giant monsters – Baryl a land monster and Beryl a sea dweller. Baryl is associated with the Clarene and Laetha; Beryl is tied to the Ophelia and Laethelia. They are both bulbous and frightening to behold. Like many frightening (appearance) spirits in the Otherfaith, however, they tend to be the most protective and assistive. Beryl, for example, protects people from other sea monsters. Baryl is able to rescue people from fires. They are sibling spirits and colored opposite – Baryl is red, Beryl is blue. (Their names are pronounce ‘bar-ill’ and ‘bear-ill’.)

March 31st celebrates the births and movements of the Rabbit Troupe and Flower Maidens. Both of these groups of spirits are associated with spring in one form or another. The Rabbit Troupe is tied to fertility and sexuality; the Flower Maidens are obviously tied to blooms and flowers. Both these groups of spirits are known for bloody revelries and violence. The Rabbits tend to bludgeon their victims; the Maidens tear them apart limb from limb. They’re both tied to cleansing through violence.

The current list of holy days for March is:

  • March 10Sabia’s Fall
  • March 13 Murder of William by Aletheia 003
  • March 19Entrance of Erann
  • March 21Birth of Epiphany
  • March 26 Births of Baryl & Beryl
  • March 31Awakening of Rabbit Troupe & Flower Maidens

Thank you for reading. ‘of the Other People’ is a site dedicated to the Otherfaith, a modern polytheist religion. You can find more about us here and here. You can contact us here if you have any questions or would like to get involved.

2 thoughts on “[Wednesday] March Holy Days

  1. I would like to do something special for Epiphany’s birthday, seeing as it’s also my Paganversary and is the start of Spring.

    Also, does Friday 13th this month mean you’ll FINALLY explain how the Red Room fits in with Otherfaith ethics???

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