[Wednesday] May Holy Days


  • School Ends/Graduation


  • First Monday
  • May 15th
  • May 31st
  • New Moon
  • Marriage Month

We only have one holiday that might take place in May at this time. This is when school ends or when people graduate. Obviously, this holiday is very focused on one group of people and works better as a communal celebration. Those in the work force don’t get the usual break that is heralded by May (or June, in some places). I originally included it in the Otherfaith calendar as I wanted a very strong focus on secular US life. It provides us a time to celebrate our own or another’s achievements.

As the Otherfaith grows, this time may end up connected to the otherworldly School of Eight Initiates, a place of study for the spirits and journeying humans. The School has its own entrance and graduation ceremonies that we may mimic in our own world.

There are some holy days that I think should be monthly and that I have written of before. One of these is a mid-month acknowledgment occurring on the fifteenth. Each mid-month will find its own meaning and spirits tied to it. The way to find these connections is, of course, to practice.

Another recurring celebration can be the new moon – again, taking on its own associations for each month. I find it interesting that I’m called to making this a holy day. I want to distance the Otherfaith from Wiccish trappings. But I also have to follow where the spirits and intuition leads.

One holy day for May can be the first Monday of the month, which would represent action and initiation (in the sense of beginning something). This month is about fire and flowers, both seen as destructive forces in Otherfaith mythology. We have both the Flower Maidens and Alynah Blake’s Rabbits that bring blood and renewal to their land. The instinct to move should be honored in this month, especially at the beginning.

May leads to June, marked by a celebration on the 31st. Both of these months – May and June – are ‘marriage months’, auspicious times to get married for people and spirits. The 31st also marks the marriage between Althea Altair and her twin Lilibell.

The marriages that are marked are spiritually powerful. June’s marriage of Othani is a heady combination of floral energies, whereas Althea and Lilibell’s marriage represents the combining of two different types of fire (starfire and divine flame).

The proposed May calendar would appear as:

  • Marriage Month
  • First Monday
  • May 15th
  • New Moon (May 18)
  • School Ends/Graduation
  • May 31st – Marriage of Althea & Lilibell

For a PDF of the calendar, click here.

Thank you for reading. ‘of the Other People’ is a site dedicated to the Otherfaith, a modern polytheist religion. You can find more about us here and here. You can contact us here if you have any questions or would like to get involved.

4 thoughts on “[Wednesday] May Holy Days

  1. I see the themes of renewal, cycles ending (through the end of school), and cycles beginning (through marriage) making this a particularly auspicious time for healing and wholeness work. I know that I haven’t been in a place to take care of myself or others in the last weeks of the semester, and I’m paying for some of the neglect on my body right now. May might be a good time to rest and recharge, while June would take the healing done in May and transform it into preparation for Apotheosis.

    Re: new moon work – perhaps we could use this phase as a time of sharing mystic experiences and techniques for exploring inner/Other realms. I really really like following moon cycles myself, though most of the information out there is fairly Wiccanish and redundant. (Just means we’ll have to make our own!)

    • Love your comment! Rest and recharge sounds like a good focus for the month, and June as a pump-up sort of time as we get ready for Hell Month. And I agree about your new moon work – the cycles of the moon are pretty awesome to follow, and finding a way to incorporate them w/o the Wiccish ideas could be both helpful to us and those looking for an alternative to the norm.

  2. What kinds of significance do new moons have in the Otherfaith? Is it during the dark of the moon or when the first “sliver” appears?

    Is there a better page I should be posting these questions on? :D

    • It is during the dark moon – a great thing you brought that up cause for me ‘new moon’ = ‘dark moon’. I first felt a connection to the new moon and the ‘faith back in February iirc. It connected with the witch spirits for me originally… I think it may be more widely connected to themes of darkness and renewal and shadow that permeate the Otherfaith though.

      And this is the best page to post comments on! Attaching them to the blog posts makes them easier to find :3

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