[Wednesday] June Holy Days


  • Marriage of Othani


  • Birth of Corliss
  • Birth of Rio
  • Commemoration of Centries
  • Commemoration of Rio
  • Communique of Casimir
  • New Moon
  • Marriage Month

For June, our only holy day is the Marriage of Othani. His myth can be found here. Othani is a flora spirit, seen as green and many-armed. He is associated with blooming and flowers, as well as bees and the reproductive organs of plants. His partner, Aletheia 009, is also associated with growing plants and creating life. Between them, they create the half-flora half-deer spirit Thiam.

Othani’s marriage is the end of June, a good ending to joyful, hot month. His marriage to one of the Aletheia spirits, known for their violence and despair, marks the integration of the calmer, more grounded Othani (and the wider West) with the wild fires of the Laethic spirits. This is a time of transmutation.

For us, their marriage sends a blessing over the whole month, similar to Althea Altair and Lilibell’s marriage in May.

For new holidays, we mostly have births of spirits. The birth of Corliss and the birth of Rio are tied to this time because of heat. Corliss is a spirit tied to the sea and islands, and though she herself fades into the deep waters she is very much tied to hot, sticky days on the water. Rio is a fire spirit known for his sharp tongue and fierce temper. Rio is also one of the Centries, a group of protective spirits that take on centaur forms.

June has the Commemoration of Centries, acknowledging the creation of this group of spirits. Though the Centries take on centaur form, they are associated with order, structure, obedience, and power. They are tasked with keeping the West safe and can take on either supportive or offensive aspects depending on a variety of factors. They are created by the Clarene and listen almost exclusively to her, though they occasionally follow the Ophelene as well.

Another commemoration is the Commemoration of Rio. We can honor him for becoming one of the Centries and becoming a defender of the abused, said to aid them with a flaming sword and fiery hooves.

The Communique of Casimir also occurs during this hot month. Rather than being born as many spirits are, he is created from a variety of energies and strings. He is announced rather than born into the West, and he brings with him heat and heaviness. He is a giant and guardian spirit and especially protective of humanity, and compared to the more stiff Centries represents a softer, warmer side of defense. He is a refuge and sanctuary.

Finally, we again add in the new moon to our holy days. The new moon for the Other People is when the moon is dark, not the first sliver of silver.

I will begin working on the Otherfaith Wiki and updating our spirit information so that everyone has better access to our various spirits as well as what various terms in the Otherfaith mean. I will post updates on Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter once the Wiki has gotten up to speed again. In the meantime, please be patient!

Thank you for reading. ‘Of the Other People’ is a site dedicated to the Otherfaith, a modern polytheist religion. We are supported through Patreon and want to give special thanks to our patrons Jack at Drawing Stars and Leithin Cluan at Treausre in Barren Places. If you enjoy the writing here, consider becoming a patron!

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