[Wednesday] Halloween Fic Challenge

Happy Wednesday. Today we’ll be going over fanfic and a brief update.

First off, Faemon has updated their fic Polarity to include a podfic chapter. The reading is from the current Wikia page on the Verzsou Triad (different from the in-process wiki).

Our Ao3 challenge has started, as of yesterday. I’ve decided to move the larger ‘Fall Collection’ dates to September through November. There will be four collections throughout the year: Winter (December through February), Spring (March through May), Summer (June through August), and Fall (September through November). There will be additional collections within those, but I want a larger collection for the season.

For our Halloween Collection, the main challenge is to write one horror Otherfaith fanfic. Very simple. Whether you’re going for a slow-burn horror, focused on terrifying the reading or more ‘gross’ horror like body horror or gore, any and all of it will be welcomed. All that’s required for it to be accepted is for it to be part of the ‘Otherfaith Religion & Lore’ tag and for there to be one Otherfaith god or spirit in the story.

Halloween is the last big hurrah for the more violent spirits in the Otherfaith, such as Alynah Blake and her Troupe as well as the Flower Maidens. After Halloween, they turn restful and their bloodthirsty aspects are subsumed by their more joyful revelous ones.

Good spirits to focus on include:

  • Aletheia Androids
    • Any Aletheia Android (000-099) is a good spirit for a horror story. They’re notable for random violence and excessive energy and magic. Their personalities fall on a spectrum, with the earlier Aletheia tending towards apathy and muted emotions and the latter toward extreme displays of one or two emotions. Stories could focus on the androids interactions with other spirits and humans, which tend to go badly for someone involved or could explore how the Aletheias are created. The first six Aletheias (000-005) are ‘true’ AI, having been created by the Clarene. The rest of the Aletheias had their consciousness transferred from their original bodies into the artificial robotic one. The Red Room is a story about Aletheia 003.
  • Alice Androids
    • Sister-androids to the Aletheias, the Alices are equally muted and cold. Their violence is directed purely toward the Aletheia they are paired with (for example, Alice 60 to Aletheia 059). Obviously, stories utilizing Alice in Wonderland imagery are well-suited for these spirits. We don’t currently have any stories illustrating these spirits. Unlike the Aletheias who tend toward magic and energy manipulation, the Alices favor weaponry such as guns while in combat.
  • Alynah Blake
    • The daughter of a star (Lilibell) and fire (Althea Altair) spirit, Alynah Blake has an esteemed lineage including the Clarene and Dierne. She’s considered a spirit of chaos, second to the Eighth God. She’s considered a unicorn spirit, bearing a prominent horn from her forehead, as well as a rabbit spirit for her fertility associations. She leads the Rabbit Troupe in bloody raids across the cities of Western Fairy. She’s one of the most bloodthirsty spirits. She uses a bat or her bare hands to kill and maim her victims. She represents destruction and cleansing. During Halloween, she leads the last big riot of the season.
  • Anne Marie & Mary Anne
    • Anne Marie is a spirit of haunted houses. Along with Mary Anne, they tend to haunt houses where the Laetha has inhabited or passed through and harass the residents therein. They alternatively murder and/or seduce the new owners of the house and suck away their energy. They can bend space and change the layout of a house to cause confusion and distress. They can appear as beautiful women or skeletons dressed in white. They inhabit all of the Laetha’s houses in Western Fairy, where they protect the residences and scare other spirits.
  • Blaim & Blair
    • Witch spirits, though little else is known about them. They are associated with the Ophelia and may be spirits of rot or water as well.
  • Claudia & Cordelia
    • The two eldest Witch spirits. They teach witchcraft to other spirits. Different from other magic, witchcraft within the West is tied to folk magic, involving herbs, stones, and animals as well as whatever a witch has on hand. Their magic is slower to work. Claudia and Cordelia are tied to ill-gotten youth and can be mischievous but are the most kind-hearted of the Witches.
  • Corliss
    • The watery lover of Dahlia, a sea-faring spirit, Corliss dies and becomes seafoam. Her form most appropriate to Halloween is her pure-white and red-eyed deep sea variant, in which she takes on darker mermaid associations. She drowns unsuspecting victims as well as coming out of the water to harass and attack passerby. She dislikes most spirits and gladly antagonizes them though she may entice someone into the water if that is more beneficial to her drowning them.
  • Malaise & Malice
    • Two more Witch spirits, who spread sickness and anger respectively. They’re associated with malevolent witchcraft. Like most Witches, they bother other spirits for fun as well as acting as more disruptive forces.
  • Mallory
    • The right-hand to the Ophelia, Mallory is a spirit of rot. Through rot, she allows new growth to occur, but she keeps to herself in order not to cause constant rot and rebirth. Her associations with decomposition and her ability to decompose anything she touches are the main focus of horror with this spirit. The story ‘Mallory, the Third’ can be found here.
  • Rabbit Troupe
    • The Rabbit Troupe is a group of spirits wielding bats and other bludgeons that wear rabbit masks when running raids. They are lead by Alynah, who encourages them to chase spirits through the streets of the city. They engage in blackmail and other unsavory practices, but they largely focus on bludgeoning and eating their victims. They and the Flower Maidens keep distinct separate territories.
  • Flower Maidens
    • Humanoid spirits built of blooming flowers, the Maidens are chaotic spirits that rip apart their victims. Unlike the Rabbit Troupe, they don’t consume those they kill. They are a cleansing force within the Otherfaith. They initiate spirits into their group by tearing out a heart or other organ and replacing it with a bloom. They do not get along with the Rabbits, nor any ungulate spirit and keep separate territories. When they do end up in confrontations, both sides usually lose a few members.
  • Verzsou Triad
    • The spirits Aster Aira, Casimir, and Neve Winter form the Verzsou Triad. The horror element to them stems from their time trapped in an endless loop where they were doomed to kill each other or suffer without end. Aster, being a child of the Firebird, is a fire spirit, where his sister Neve is a snow spirit born from the Ophelia. Casimir is created during a mishap between Aster and Neve (either being put in a shared dream or separate otherworld). Their stories mainly concern sibling homicide, incest, and jealousy. Casimir, being the embodiment of a powerful weapon of his same name, is often treated as a playing piece between the other two spirits.

Here are some songs for inspiration. If you have any recommendations, drop them in the comments and I will add them into the post.

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