This is an in-process page detailing the current holy days in the Otherfaith. Available links to specific posts on the holy days are provided below.

Recurring Monthly:

  • First Monday: First Monday of every month
  • Midmonth: 15th of Every Month
  • New Moon
  • Friday the 13th: Any 13th falling on a Friday in any month of the year


January 1:

  • New Year
  • Birth of Dawn

January 2:

  • Birth of Abel Blake & Abelia

January 5:

  • Birth of Aeron Blake & Kallan

January 13:

  • Comity of Dawn & Dusk

January 15:

  • Birth of Rio

January 24:

  • Confrontation of Ava & Aletheia Aeron

January 31:

  • Birth of Dusk


February 7:

  • Birth of Claudia

February 8:

  • Birth of Cordelia

February 13:

  • Birth of Thirteen

February 14:

  • Valentine’s Day

February 15:

  • Chocolate Day

February 21:

  • Birth of Mallory

February 23:

  • Birth of Malaise

February 25:

  • Birth of Malice


March 10:

  • Fall of Sabia

March 13:

  • Murder of William by Aletheia 003

March 19:

  • Entrance of Erann

March 21:

  • Birth of Epiphany

March 26:

  • Birth of Beryl & Baryl

March 31:

  • International Transgender Day of Visibility
  • Awakening of Rabbit Troupe & Flower Maidens


April 8:

  • Birth of Althea Altair & Lilibell

April 30:

  • Summer Begins


  • Marriage Month

May 31:

  • Marriage of Althea Altair & Lilibell


  • School Ends/Graduation


  • Marriage Month

June 13:

  • Creation of Casimir

June 15:

  • Birth of Corliss

June 21:

  • Commemoration of Centries

June 30:

  • Marriage of Othani (to Aletheia 009)


  • Hell Month

July 1:

  • Community Day

July 31:



  • School Begins


First Monday:

  • Labor Day


October 31:

  • Halloween


November 30:

  • Community Day


  • Reunion Month

December 25-31:

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