Reunion [2013-2014]

This is part of our collection of posts about the holy days in the Otherfaith. This post is a poetic piece on Reunion 2013-2014. It is also part of our mythology.


I am born in eternity,
a space you cannot know
a dark you cannot touch,
o’ mortal lover,

I am flame and light,
and in that space,
that endless night of color,
o’ mortal lover,

I saw the world.      
She is forests and trees,
horns bloody atop her head,
o’ mortal lover.

She took steel and staff,
she took that dark heart,
she took my own heart,
o’ mortal lover,

I was born to that world.


I am lost in galaxies of neon,
clouds of towering age,
these worlds you cannot know,
o’ mortal lover.

I am spin and spun
always and ever to There,
that place birthed beside me,
o’ mortal lover.

I saw her dark heart blooming,
her great river running,
my heart so far from home,
o’ mortal lover.

“The home in the sky.”

She took bone and bile,
thrust from the ground such towers
I could almost touch from the sky,
o’ mortal lover.

I sought with starfire the world below.


I am falling fast,
the deep below swallowing whole,
all I am, will be,
o’ mortal lover.

I am dust and blood,
the universe singing
embodied in this form of flesh,
o’ mortal lover.

I saw the sights,
the hollows and holes and hills,
the towers and towns and tales,
o’ mortal lover.

She took my skin and soul,
dressed me in blue, dressed me in death,
told me every story of sorrow,
o’ mortal lover,

I embraced the waters of woe.


I am crowned King,
a being great and known,
silver on my head and hair,
o’ mortal lover.

I am called god,
spoken of in hush,
spoken of in pride,
o’ mortal lover.

I saw him the Queen,
all fire smoke and ash,
all forgotten self and sin,
o’ mortal lover.

He took from me my strength,
stole all that was inside,
left me with only silver and a crown,
o’ mortal lover.

I fell so far for love.

I fell so far for home.

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