Dierne Apotheosis [2013]

This is part of our collection of posts about the holy days in the Otherfaith. This post represents the Apotheosis of the Dierne as it was celebrated in 2013.


The apotheosis of the Dierne wasn’t the excessive, elaborate ceremony I’m sure he would have preferred. That said, I still think he enjoyed the prayers and ritual. It was late at night and very quiet, and the shrine was set up near the only window in our room. Performing more formal ritual on the go is a bit of a challenge for me, at the moment.

Dierne Shrine

Dierne Shrine

Ideally, I would have had the first mythos of the Otherfaith completed by the apotheosis. Obviously, that didn’t happen. And I’m okay with that. I’m okay with letting it have time to inform me even more, to build even more, for me to craft even deeper stories. Moving out of the sudden burst of energy that is the apotheosis into the settled feeling of hopefulness and possibility likely influences that feeling. That shift in energy also influences my self-reflection work.

There’s a lot to do.

This apotheosis I celebrated in Seattle, and I have no idea where I’ll be next year. Being in Seattle is a blessing, and I believe wholeheartedly a gift from my gods. As such, the majority of my spending money was spent on devotional items for them. I’ve spent well over my intended amount. I’m going to go back to my house loaded down with roses, pictures, art books, journals, and much jewelry.

As always, there is constant writing.

But the apotheosis was a quiet day, and for that I’m grateful.

Prayer Schedule

Upon waking:

I praise the Four Gods of Western Faery – you who burn, you who bury, you who dance, you who drown. I sing to you your praises, I speak to you your words. 

to the Dierne:

O beloved, I sing today of you. Most beloved of the gods, today – a god himself. You who we call Star, Pallis, Fear & Folly, you who gives pleasure, love, and hope – I dedicate this day to you.

Midday, say the adorations:

I adore you Lover.
I adore you Star Slayer

I adore you compassionate killer
I adore you spear wielder
I adore you bloodied hands
I adore you stained red cloth and clothe
I adore you murky waters
I adore you star feller
I adore you who fell
I adore you shadow boy
I adore you dark sun

I adore you of the black heart

Devotional bracelet to the Dierne.

I adore you of the dark soul
I adore you son of the river
I adore you child of the moon
I adore you Pallis
I adore you of crafty hands

I adore you of piano fingers
I adore you of thin webs & string
I adore you of strong steel & work
I adore you who gave lightning
I adore you fierce breeze
I adore you who takes flight
I adore you who rides the thunder
I adore you wicked wind

I adore you violent storm
I adore you wielder of time
I adore you most beautiful of the heavens
I adore you boy-king
I adore you rose-wearer

I adore you heart-bearer
I adore you who wears the crown to bed
I adore you orgasm-maker
I adore you temptress
I adore you with every eye
I adore you who brings enticement

I adore you enrapturer
I adore you who touched lips to lips

I adore you heart-maker
I adore you who bled blood and jewel
I adore you who refuses the sword
I adore you who dies

I adore you who drowns
I adore you who will die again
I adore you who gave blood
I adore you black swan
I adore you singer of sorrow

I adore you Fear*

In the evening, we say the bulk of our prayers. Many of these prayers focus on the events of the apotheosis and are exalting prayers, telling the tale of the Dierne and explaining our joy at his presence in our lives and in the mythos. We begin with the prayer of exile, which refers to the time the Dierne spent cast out of the Westernlands.

Boy from the stars, beloved of the land – who died and dies again – you who were so far from us, you who lived so many lives from us. You who traveled with Sorrow, you who walked streets of blood and bone, you who always turned toward home – O’ Pallis, O’ Star. You who strove ever toward us, you who will not forsake us, you who lonely and alone never abandoned your home – O’ Pallis, O’ Star, we praise you.

We follow this with a prayer praising the Dierne’s deification:

Beloved Star, who is Pallis, the sweetest of eternal flames, this day you return to us, this day you are a god, this day you wear the crown of stars and our hearts sing for you. Beloved, now god – the Dierne.

We finish with a prayer asking for the Dierne to lend us his support and grace. At the end of this prayer, one can repeat the phrase ‘lend me your grace’ until you feel at peace or full of vitality.

Lend me your hope, lend me your love, lend me your strength that I can rise above. Dierne, lend me your grace.

Same as every night, when we go to rest, we say this prayer:

I praise the Four Gods of Western Faery – you who burn, you who bury, you who dance, you who drown. I sing to you your praises, I speak to you your words. I choose to worship the Four Gods and their spirits. I choose to live in accordance with them. I choose to embody Piety, Power, and Pride as I understand them. I choose to act with hospitality and compassion. Today, of all the offerings I may make, let these be the truest, offered with free will, free heart, and free hand.

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