Jealousy + the River

This is part of the Other People's mythology. It is loosely connected to 'a Fall', 'Fear Returns', 'Ava at the Gate', and 'in June, to December'.

Jealousy – state – envy, suspicion of unfaithfulness; desire to control, command, and limit

River-mother, great God-King, beauty blue –
we bring to you a child and plea,

“Release him from the bonds of jealousy.”

Harvest-watcher, great God-King, shimmering gold –
we bring to you stone and plea,

“Remake the Gate shorn by sorrow.”

In the river glowing with time,
ink flows and spreads and turns to blood,
words to flesh.

The Boy dies and dies again.
The world moves on.

[from the 2013 Pagan Blog Project. word: Jealousy]

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