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The articles, blogs, and books listed below will help someone interested in the Otherfaith develop deeper understandings of the gods, our devotional approach, ethics, and all that is a part of religion – but they are not Otherfaith works. They will also help the reader begin formulating questions – we must question all that we consume, mull it over and learn from it. These works come from a variety of religions and spiritual traditions. We must read a wide variety of works and push ourselves to learn and question, always.

from Weaving the Net

from Urban Meliad

from Awaken in Light

from Facing the Fires Within

from Red Cloak Register

from St. Sathyre

from Making Bright

from Mystik Nomad

from The Lefthander’s Path

from Under the Ancient Oaks

from Sarenth Odinsson’s Blog

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About the Faith
The Otherfaith is a modern polytheistic religion. We are urban-centric, technology-loving, and always keep our eyes to the future. We were born from the modern Pagan and polytheist movements, and from them we have grown and become new, modern, evolving - a new faith. In 2015, we go into this our fifth year and seek to create more solid practices and structures for the faith.
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