Spirit Contemplation Compilation

The Otherfaith is full of spirits – they are everywhere in our world and beyond. Since we are so young, however, we don’t yet know all, or even a fair amount, of these spirits.

The Spirit Contemplation Compilation seeks to better our understanding of these spirits. Through reflections on their names – something anyone can do, regardless of mystic inclination or ability – we can better know these spirits and their role in the Otherfaith.

This project is only for those involved in the Otherfaith. If you wish to participate in this project, we recommend keeping a journal for your reflections on the spirits (either on a computer or a physical notebook). You will also need to commit to a consistent schedule of write ups about the spirits. This can be as frequently as once a month or as sparse as once a year. Choose which works for your schedule.

You will choose from our list of known spirits, which is found here. Decide which spirit you would like to contemplate on. Find a time when you will be or are relaxed, and you can be reflecting on the spirit. Open with a prayer: “[SPIRIT], I call to you, by rights as an Other Person.” Next comes thought and reflection. Turn the spirit’s name over in your head. Try to grasp how you feel about them. Delve into your emotional response.

If you are having trouble, these are questions that can help in your contemplation:

  • What does their name make you think of?
  • What image comes to mind at hearing their name?
  • How did you feel after praying to them?
  • What gods might they be connected to?
  • Do they make you think of any physical space or area?
  • What might their symbols be?
  • What is their personality? How do you feel they are?

To help you remember what comes to mind, we strongly encourage you to write your reflections down as you think them through.

After you’ve finished or need a break, don’t forget to thank the spirit. You might not be able to feel them around you, but you called them to you; it’s only polite to thank them. Say: “[SPIRIT], thank you for your presence. I do my most to know you.”

Keep contemplating and delving into the spirit. Do it as much as you need until you have a good grasp of the spirit, and then write up your reflections. If you are interested in how spirits speak to you, you can read this post.

Don’t worry about sounding silly or being wrong. Without your help, we wouldn’t be able to learn about our spirits. And being wrong means you are learning. IT is a vital part of religious life! With your contributions to the Spirit Contemplation Compilation, we learn more, and with your voice we learn better.

We hope you will get involved in this great project and offer us your voice and thoughts. To us, that is one of the best offerings you can give.

To take part in this project, email aine@daoineile.com with the subject line “SPIRIT PROJECT: Application”.

Requirements: You must be one of the Other People (actively involved in the Otherfaith and our community). This project requires a commitment – a contemplation of a spirit must be submitted at least once a year and at most once a month. Discuss with Aine to decide what works with your schedule. You may do multiple contemplations on the same spirit. Contemplation essays must be at least 500 words. There is no maximum word length.